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Coope Build is now run by Manly Remedial Building.


Manly Remedial Building carry out many different types or remedial repair including but not limited
to the items listed below. If need work carried out simply call or email our office for a free quote.


Waterproofing & Drainage Repairs

Balcony Repairs

Concrete Cancer & Concrete Spalling Repairs

Magnesite Removal / Repairs

Planter Box Repairs & Waterproofing

Window & Door Replacement

Façade Repair

Roofing Repairs and Replacement​


Arch Bar & Lintel Replacement​


​Retaining Walls

Brickwork Repairs & Repointing

Painting and Rendering

Carpentry and Joinery

General Building Repairs and Maintenance 

Leak Detection and Repair

Flashing Repairs

-  Please see some of our Specialties below  -

What is concrete spalling? (Also called Concrete Cancer)

Spalling can be defined as “breaking down materials into smaller pieces, such as chips and fragments breaking away from rocks/ores”. Concrete spalling refers to cracking, flaking, peeling and chipping on concrete surfaces, which starts to peel and pop out, and in excessive cases, resulting in exposed steel reinforcement.

Concrete spalling can effect a variety of structures such as bridges, car parks, colleges and hospitals. This can cause problems with the durability of concrete over the long-term design, in terms of exposure and corrosion to steel reinforcement. This may lead to increased costs of the maintenance of these structures through patch repairs over their lifetime or replacement of concrete elements.

concrete spalling 3

Concrete Spalling


In construction, a building or structure is waterproofed with the use of membranes and coatings to protect contents and structural integrity.

Waterproofing is more than sealing your property against water. It is also about keeping your property dry and free from funny smells and preventing structural damage and costly repairs later.


The waterproofing systems we offer include to name a few:


Liquid membranes

Torch on membranes

Loose layered sheet membranes

"Negative waterproofing" injection

Applied chemical solutions.

Polyurethane sealants

Fixing the Roof




Bricks and mortar can deteriorate over time and, if left unattended, can cause serious structural issues. We offer a complete range of brickwork repairs to improve the appearance and safety of your home or structure, like brick repointing, tuck pointing and brickwork repair & brick replacement.

Bricks and Mortar




Arch Bars and Lintels are the steel or concrete above windows & doors that span the opening to support the brickwork above and overtime the arch bars and lintels can corrode and fail. This corrosion can eat away at the steel lintels and arch bars which in turn leads to damaged or failing structures. We offer a complete range of repairs to lintels and arch bars the likes of removing the old, damaged arch bars and lintels and replacing them.

lintel 2.jpg

Arch Bars & Lintels



Magnesite was predominantly laid over the top of concrete floors in Strata buildings in the 60's and 70' to prevent the transfer of sound.  Unfortunately, it has been found that Magnesite can cause the steel reinforcing inside the concrete floor slab to rust otherwise known as concrete spalling or concrete cancer.


​How does Magnesite contribute to concrete spalling?


Magnesite contains Chlorine and Chlorine causes steel to rust at an accelerated rate. So if there is a water leak in the unit that saturates the Magnesite the water will draw out the Chlorine and if there is a crack in the concrete slab that allows the water to penetrate into the steel it will cause the steel to start rusting.


​Manly Remedial Building will remove the Magnesite and check the concrete for any rusting steel and then re-top the concrete slab and return the levels of your floor to the original height.

2021-11-26 12.51.58 - Copy.jpg
Magnesite Repairs

Magnesite Removal

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